Urban Curve provides a range of creative design services for companies within the UK and mainland Europe.

Urban Curve is an Milton Keynes based, multi-discipline design agency with years of experience in many industries. Urban Curve delivers tailor-made cost-effective solutions for clients’ large and small, drawing on wide-ranging skill sets, imagineering and realistic creative thought processes. Based here in Bletchley, Milton Keynes we are ideally placed to service local, national and international clients.

Our success comes from not only the commitment and support we give to all clients, but by providing a fast and efficient service within budget, and delivering on time, every time.

We listen, propose a brief with costs and time plans so you know the price and delivery dates to suit your business. We have an excellent record in client retention because we take the long term view that all clients are important, big and small. There are no grey or fuzzy areas in our invoices, nor business lunches or time charged for emailing logos or backing up your important data.

The only grey we love to use is grey matter, but prefer to call it creative juices!

Areas of expertise: Advertising & Media Planning, Branding & Corporate Identity, Brochures & Printing Systems, Direct Mail, Viral & Email Marketing, Packaging & Point of Sale, Photography, Retail and Commercial Graphics, Web sites, CMS & SEO

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Websites & Content Management 

Websites & Content Management by Urban Curve. Over the years we have built many websites either as bespoke designs from the foundations up, or taken on existing web management of sites that need a new direction and overhaul. Sometimes its just to manage an existing site more efficiently.

From the simplest of web sites with a few pages and a contact form to a larger site offering ecommerce, online statistic and data capture, Urban Curve can design and build a site to your unique design with all the functionality you need and the flexibility to add additional modules as and when you need it without having ‘downtime’, major costs or change in its basic core structure.

We offer training and implementation planning so that you achieve your goals and get your website working for you. Our training program starts at your staff’s ability till they gain confidence and then revealing more functions as their ability improves. All this enables clients to take control of the content of their sites, so they are actively contributing to the changing content and their SEO results.

If you have an idea for a website and would like an idea of cost or you have an existing format you would like to continue, let’s either talk or contact us HERE

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We always ask the question in relation to branding, “Are you looking for an evolution or revolution?” For some it’s all about change or a need for something completely different, for others a tweak on what they have already to update it or steer it towards new potential markets is all that’s required. And it wouldn’t be unusual if we started at one end of this spectrum and ended up with the other!

There are many people writing about the ‘importance of branding’, ‘protecting the brand’ and ‘associated values’ but for those starting out and forming a company or taking the next step to realign their existing logo to their companies core activities these issues aren’t quite as important yet, but still have to be thought about.

We have a formula which includes research by us as well as by the client, which writes the brief, gives direction and a set of values for the new design to be measured against. By doing this, we mentally ‘cut-to-the-chase’ and start knowing approximately where we are heading and before long, seeing the finalisation of the design.

As well as design we will look at the constraints of the production processes and the requirements to display the new design on your products or services. The adaptability yet keeping the branding’s integrity is key when manufacturing processes, distance, retail and distribution are factors which will directly effect the presentation of your logo to the end user. And before any branding is finalised we show you how in works within a corporate identity, advertising and manufacture to you can assess all aspects of its use.

If you are a start up come and talk to us about our branding package prices. If you are looking for more and need guidance on your next step then we’d love to help you along that path with services akin to your needs. You can contact us HERE

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Media & Advertising

With over 30 years of experience in Media Advertising Urban Curve can provide imaginative and focused concepts combining Art Direction, Copy Writing, Photography and Design to give your ad campaign maximum impact.

It’s not just the creative elements that we can help with. Making your media spend go further, cost effective production and media planning ensure you get the most from your precious budgets.

Fast turn-around times for ‘last minute’ media, not only saves money when ad space is offered at reduced rate, but enables advertising to be up-to-date and relevant to the current climate.

As well as a bespoke service for our clients we offer a flexible template usage where we design and set-up the ads for you and you just fill in the details. This is often very useful if you have ever-changing stock list or prices that change on a regular basis.

If you have an existing campaign running, but want to either improve on costs or use a service that is closer to your offices, let’s talk, or contact us HERE

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Brochures & Direct Mail – Urban Curve

Urban Curve has always designed Brochures & Direct Mail both in their traditional printed physical form and as digital documents for download, interaction or DM through email. However the item is to be distributed and its call to action, the physical putting together of the copywriting, images and graphics contained within the piece would be only half as effective without a good design.

Brochures and direct mail to us are a means to evoke a reaction and a positive response to from the viewer and should never be seen as an all-encompassing oracle in itself. Our designs engage a target market, ask questions and answer some but always leave the viewer wanting more.

With physical printed brochures & direct mail, texture, weight, feel and the pace of the delivered content are obvious, but often forgotten. We ask how will it get there, who will read it and will it be passed around? How long should it last, does it go in the post, how long before the accuracy of the brochure is compromised? Can we surprise the viewer, how will they interact, where is the call to action?

Key elements such as concise entertaining copywriting, imaginative images as either photographs or illustrations, beautiful typography and the best production values for its use will ensure your spend is worth every penny. Whether it’s a stand-alone item or a range of documents, we will design it around your corporate guidelines or create a new style for you. We are use to working with small individual companies and larger corporate bodies, co-ordinating joint marketing budgets for regional offices to individual brochures for bespoke projects, each is just as important.

In today’s global market we can provide translated versions in key languages, keeping track of your versions and revisions and let you know when an alteration of one version has impact on another.

If you have an idea for a brochure and would like an idea of cost or you have an existing format you would like to continue, let’s either talk or contact us HERE

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Display Graphics & Point of Sale – Urban Curve

Display Graphics & Point of Sale – In the past we have laser cut metal and wood, made plastic look like ice, provides a complete window display kit from a large box and supplied a clever folding display to hold a pair of jeans upright! We’ve has graphics output to cover a building, had manufactured pop-up stands in seven languages, bespoke made a large stand for a global trade event as well as design a poster to adorn a changing room. Our only limitations are your budgets and our creativity!

The success of all of these projects is production timings and supplying the right digital artwork from which to produce it. Amazing things can be done in a short period of time if the right elements are in place.

We don’t manufacture, but we know some great people who do and they do it very well! We will always oversee the work from start to finish liaising with the supplier so that the correct artwork to the right tolerances and settings is supplied at the outset and any test or prototypes are produced for approval before production where possible.

If you are stuck for an idea or caught out on a deadline, let’s see if we can help out. Contact us HERE

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Presentations and Financial Documents

We often get asked to give a key presentation a bit of pizzazz, usually under the tightest of deadlines with new copy being supplied at the eleventh hour and all needed yesterday. This is commonplace! Urban curve are pretty adept at taking corporate guidelines, digesting them and working with them to produce something special. Access to a large volume of images, right know-how to get the best from presentation software can pay dividends. Add to that some new created graphics to make the figure work more exciting and easily understood and we are nearly there. Being able to know what our client’s likes and dislikes are, holding many of their imagery and set graphics and being able to interpret instructions through an email precisely helps a lot, but sometimes this is asked of us with a new client as we take it in our stride.

It’s not just slide style presentations we produce, often they are produced digitally as a brochure with embedded URL’s and video, external feeds and all compressed so that it can be sent in an email and not bounce back!

Financial and Annual Reports, Film Finance documents, pitch documents and draft concepts for focus groups are all within our remit. We treat all these as we would our brochures and direct mail, with a high attention to detail and using only high quality images and graphics so that your presentation looks second to none, delivered on time, every time.

If you have an existing campaign running, but want to either improve on costs or use a service that is closer to your offices, let’s talk, or contact us HERE

As well as brand design and its associated creative skills, other services are available from Urban Curve. Advertising, Branding, Brochures, Corporate Identity, Direct Mail, Display Graphics, Labelling, Logo design, Packaging, Point of Sale, Presentation Graphics, Financial documents, Photography and Websites are all professionally undertaken.