New Web Site for Target Travel

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Home Page for Target Travel’s new web site

Target Travel’s new web site is already being used as a useful resource by its clients. With the 100+ pages and wealth of information their new site integrates social media, live data feeds and a simple-to-use News Section to keep maintenance to a minimum and to exploit the full potential of the search engines.

Built in to the back end of the site is comprehensive SEO plug-ins, a twitter consul, automatic site map generation and transmission along with several automated routines that keep the news items that are published on the site out onto the social networks.

We’ve built into the site many flexible options that can be switched on once the client is confident with the user interface and makes regular submissions. There is a built in hierarchy so that other users can help submit content without the worry of messing up the key features or deleting by accident.

You can visit Target Travel’s new site by clicking <a title=”Target Travel” href=”” target=”_blank”>HERE



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