Presentations and Financial Documents – Urban Curve

We often get asked to give a key presentation a bit of pizzazz, usually under the tightest of deadlines with new copy being supplied at the eleventh hour and all needed yesterday. This is commonplace! Urban curve are pretty adept at taking corporate guidelines, digesting them and working with them to produce something special. Access to a large volume of images, right know-how to get the best from presentation software can pay dividends. Add to that some new created graphics to make the figure work more exciting and easily understood and we are nearly there. Being able to know what our client’s likes and dislikes are, holding many of their imagery and set graphics and being able to interpret instructions through an email precisely helps a lot, but sometimes this is asked of us with a new client as we take it in our stride.

It’s not just slide style presentations we produce, often they are produced digitally as a brochure with embedded URL’s and video, external feeds and all compressed so that it can be sent in an email and not bounce back!

Financial and Annual Reports, Film Finance documents, pitch documents and draft concepts for focus groups are all within our remit. We treat all these as we would our brochures and direct mail, with a high attention to detail and using only high quality images and graphics so that your presentation looks second to none, delivered on time, every time.

If you have an existing campaign running, but want to either improve on costs or use a service that is closer to your offices, let’s talk, or contact us HERE

As well as Presentations and Financial documents with their associated creative skills, other services are available from Urban Curve. AdvertisingBrand Development, Brochures, Direct Mail, Display Graphics, Point of Sale, Presentation Graphics, Financial documents, Photography and Websites are all professionally undertaken.