Brochures & Direct Mail – Urban Curve

Urban Curve has always designed Brochures & Direct Mail both in their traditional printed physical form and as digital documents for download, interaction or DM through email. However the item is to be distributed and its call to action, the physical putting together of the copywriting, images and graphics contained within the piece would be only half as effective without a good design.

Brochures and direct mail to us are a means to evoke a reaction and a positive response to from the viewer and should never be seen as an all-encompassing oracle in itself. Our designs engage a target market, ask questions and answer some but always leave the viewer wanting more.

With physical printed brochures & direct mail, texture, weight, feel and the pace of the delivered content are obvious, but often forgotten. We ask how will it get there, who will read it and will it be passed around? How long should it last, does it go in the post, how long before the accuracy of the brochure is compromised? Can we surprise the viewer, how will they interact, where is the call to action?

Key elements such as concise entertaining copywriting, imaginative images as either photographs or illustrations, beautiful typography and the best production values for its use will ensure your spend is worth every penny. Whether it’s a stand-alone item or a range of documents, we will design it around your corporate guidelines or create a new style for you. We are use to working with small individual companies and larger corporate bodies, co-ordinating joint marketing budgets for regional offices to individual brochures for bespoke projects, each is just as important.

In today’s global market we can provide translated versions in key languages, keeping track of your versions and revisions and let you know when an alteration of one version has impact on another.

If you have an idea for a brochure and would like an idea of cost or you have an existing format you would like to continue, let’s either talk or contact us HERE

As well as design for Brochure & Direct Mail campaigns and their associated creative skills, other services are available from Urban Curve. Advertising, Brand Development, Display Graphics, Point of Sale, Presentation Graphics, Financial documents, Photography and Websites are all professionally undertaken.