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We always ask the question in relation to branding, “Are you looking for an evolution or revolution?” For some it’s all about change or a need for something completely different, for others a tweak on what they have already to update it or steer it towards new potential markets is all that’s required. And it wouldn’t be unusual if we started at one end of this spectrum and ended up with the other!

There are many people writing about the ‘importance of branding’, ‘protecting the brand’ and ‘associated values’ but for those starting out and forming a company or taking the next step to realign their existing logo to their companies core activities these issues aren’t quite as important yet, but still have to be thought about.

We have a formula which includes research by us as well as by the client, which writes the brief, gives direction and a set of values for the new design to be measured against. By doing this, we mentally ‘cut-to-the-chase’ and start knowing approximately where we are heading and before long, seeing the finalisation of the design.

As well as design we will look at the constraints of the production processes and the requirements to display the new design on your products or services. The adaptability yet keeping the branding’s integrity is key when manufacturing processes, distance, retail and distribution are factors which will directly effect the presentation of your logo to the end user. And before any branding is finalised we show you how in works within a corporate identity, advertising and manufacture to you can assess all aspects of its use.

If you are a start up come and talk to us about our branding package prices. If you are looking for more and need guidance on your next step then we’d love to help you along that path with services akin to your needs.You can contact us HERE

As well as brand design and its associated creative skills, other services are available from Urban Curve. Advertising, Brochures, Direct Mail, Display Graphics, Point of Sale, Presentation Graphics, Financial documents, Photography and Websites are all professionally undertaken.